Welcome to the Blue King

Arthur W Hoffmann  


Children's Christmas Adventure

This is a facinating adventure story about a little girl, named Kim, her brother, Steve and Teddy Blue Bear, their shaggy dog.  A wild chase after a runaway soccer ball leads them to the discovery of a mystical "Blue Kingdom" located at the South Pole.  It turns out that the Blue King is the cousin of Saint Nicholas, who as we all know , resides at the North Pole.   The Blue King and Santa Claus  communicate via "C-mail" (sea mail) with secret messages.  The heroine Kim, answers a mysterious riddle that results in the establishment of a humanitarian mission to promote Friendship, Understanding and Niceness (FUN) among all children (and grown-ups) throughout the World.

The kids are scared!

Kim, Steve & Teddybear hide,  but are captured by the King's guards.

The Riddle is Solved!

The Blue King is thrilled to learn the answer to the "C-mail" riddle and he can now open Santas' message capsule delivered by Cecelia the seal.

A New Christmas Holiday Story The Blue King

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